16 11, 2013

Changing Furnace Filters

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One of the best things a homeowner can do to help their furnace last longer is to keep the air filter clean.  In most homes the filter needs to be changed monthly during the winter months of heavy usage.  A plugged or dirty filter keeps the furnace from breathing and moving enough air.  This then causes it to overheat, which uses more energy, and causes the equipment to fail prematurely.  If you choose to use 1” pleated filters like you can get in the big box stores, be aware that while they are great filters (maybe too good) they tend to restrict the air even when they are new and clean.  As they “load up” (get dirty) it makes the problem even worse.  They will need to be checked even more frequently.

You can now buy filters from us online at


15 11, 2013

Annual Tune-Up (Carbon Monoxide)

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It is important to have a good quality, functioning, carbon monoxide detector.  This week we had an elderly customer who had us come out for her annual furnace tune-up.  Her furnace was a 18 year old 90% efficient Carrier.  It appeared to be working just fine but there were some signs of a potential carbon monoxide leak, that only an experienced technician would have noticed.  Upon further investigation, it was in fact leaking and was putting low levels of C O inter her home.  After we made her aware of the problem, she indicated she had been getting unusual headaches lately.  Fortunately for her, we caught the problem before she got really sick.  The problem was in the secondary heat exchanger, and was not worth repairing.  She now has a new TRANE 95% 2 stage variable speed gas furnace that will help her home to be more comfortable, and more efficient.

15 11, 2013

Are Plug-in Electric Heaters Safe?

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Recently we were out to a home where the homeowners were very lucky. They had been using an expensive “super efficient” “very safe” heater. The receptacle where it plugged in had burned up, and had shot sparks out. Fortunately the homeowner happened to see it happen and got it shut off. Plug in heaters in and of themselves are relatively safe. What is not safe is the cord connection where it plugs in to the wall. Plug in portable electric heaters should only be used as a temporary heat source and only in an area where they can be observed. See the corresponding pictures.

4 11, 2013

How to use our Online Store and FAQ

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Have you ever needed to buy filters but never known where you can buy them? First Call Jewel is pleased to offer a solution to that problem.Within the coming weeks, we will be selling filters online on our website.

Instructions for using our online store:

If you want to go directly to our catalog, go to Once the online store is full functional, we will place a link on the main menu bar for easy access. Once you get to our catalog you will be able to view the filters we have available, view more detail on the filters, and then add them to your cart. To view your cart at any time, go to Once in your cart, you can make any final changes to your order. Once your order is finalized, press proceed to checkout. On the checkout screen, you will be able to enter any coupon codes and select the shipping method (see below). You will also need to enter your address, email, payment information, and create an account if you haven’t already. Once the required fields are successfully filled out and you have read and agreed to our terms andconditions, click place order. You will now receive an email with a receipt and an order #. You will receive another email when your order is marked as complete. This means it is either ready for pickup, or is being shipped.