What happens when the power goes out in your home? Do all the lights go out? How will the food in your refrigerator stay cold? How will your furnace or AC keep your home warm or cool? This can only happen with some sort of back up power supply. A Generac backup generator from First Call Jewel can provide the power needed to run your home as if the power was on!




A few of the many features of a Generac Generator:


OHVI EngineGenerac OHVI® Engine
Purpose-built for generators to withstand extended run times

Designed to run continuously until utility power is restored.

Quiet operation during weekly exercise

True Power True Power™ Technology
Utility grade power that delivers the high quality electricity required to run sensitive electronics and appliances.

Tough, durable enclosures

Mobile Link Mobile Link™
Remote monitoring for added peace of mind
*optional add-on

DPM™ Technology
Intelligent power management allows for more coverage with a smaller generator

Evolution Controller• Evolution™ Controller
Smart, user-friendly controls

Fuel Options
Ability to run on natural gas or LP fuel.

No tools required to swtich fuel types


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