Whole House Surge Protector

A whole house surge protector will protect your home! Almost every type of electronic in your home contains a circuit board with sensitive electronic parts. These circuit boards can be easily damaged by power surges in your home. Power surges happen all the time, but most of them are small enough that you never notice they even happened. However, over time, these surges, small and large, can slowly destroy the electronics in your home.

The easiest way to prevent this is with a whole house surge protector! A whole house surge protector is installed with the breaker panel to provide complete surge protection to your entire home.

Watch the video below to learn more!

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See a Backup Generator in Action!

You’ve probably heard something about how power outages can be devastating to your family. And if they last a long time, you don’t want your home to be stuck without power. There’s an amazing way to prevent this from being an issue, and that’s by having a backup generator installed in your home.

Have you ever heard of a backup generator? Have you heard how they can provide almost unlimited power to your home during an outage starting 30 seconds after the outage happens? Well, all of this is true, and if you like what the sound of it, we encourage you to visit this page on our site for more specific information.

Here’s a little video that shows how an actual newly installed backup generator in action during a simulated power outage.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Clint from First Call Jewel again. I just got done installing this little 11 kilowatt generator today. We’re going to show you guys how it works on the inside.

So here’s our transfer switch, it ties in the main panel up there. We relocated the circuits down to it. So what happens is we lose power and lights go off. Generator fires up outside, comes up to speed. As soon as it gets up to speed, it will transfer over. Lights come on! Life is good! We’ve got power back on.

Then utility power comes back on, it waits a few seconds to make sure it’s actually back on. Then it transfers back over to utility power. Then we’re back on to utility power. The generator outside will just run until it stops. It wants to make sure its cooled itself off, then it shuts itself off.

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Is a furnace tune-up really worth it?

There’s an old saying out there that says something along the lines of, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” While this may not be 100% true in all cases, we believe that there is some truth to this idea that we can prevent pain and discomfort by preventing bad things from happening before they happen.

For this reason we are happy to offer furnace and air conditioner tune-ups to our customers at an affordable cost. These tune-ups provide the recommended warranty coverage to your furnace or air conditioner so that they will function correctly all season long.

Imagine the potential for pain and frustration when your furnace fails on the coldest night of the year, or worse, on Christmas or New Year’s day. While this won’t happen every year, a regular tune-up will make sure you and your family are comfortable in your home all season long.

Check out this video below for an example of a potential failure point on a furnace:

Video Transcript:

Hi! My name’s Tim. I’m one of First Call Jewel’s HVAC service technicians and today we’re going to change out the ignition component device for this gas furnace. It is reading higher then normal per the manufacture’s specifications. All modern gas furnaces are electronic ignitioned. There are no standing pilots any longer for energy efficiency reasons.

This is our ignition device. It’s out of manufacture’s specifications which is an indicator that it’s nearing its end of life and rather then have an issue during the heating season where it could potentially fail on the coldest night of the year or a holiday, we’re going to go ahead and change that out for the client so they can have a worry free […]

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Water Main Line Replacement

Is it possible to replace a water main line without damaging the yard above? What does the difference look like? Watch the video below to find out!

Video Transcript:

Hey Everyone!

I’m steve and this is Nick. We’re plumbers over at First Call Jewel! We just replaced a water main over at a customer’s home. Today’s kind of a unique day because the next door neighbor actually is doing the same type of work replacing their water main but they’re doing it with a different company.

What we really wanted to show you today is that we are using a technology that actually pulls the pipe underneath the ground and saves your yard from a lot of damage. So we’re going to show you here real quick is from the curb to where we started and then to the home. Let me just show you here.

The piping, we took from the curb out near the sidewalk and ran it underground all the way up to the side of the home. And, very very minimal damage. Basically what we did is we dug one hole near the home itself and as we look around here, all of this dirt that normally would be involved is just on hole. So I’ll turn this around and you can see the yard. (Notice how the yard has been kept nice despite the project at hand).

I’m going to peek you over the fence here and let you see, I don’t want to show the other contractor here, but you can see their yard right now is getting filled in with that trench that was dug there. And it’s a lot of damage.

So I hope you enjoyed this little video, we try to utilize […]

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