Increasing Comfort Through New Technology

I was in a client’s home recently and despite being a very nice home, it had always been uncomfortable as far as temperature goes.  The way the furnace and air conditioner were originally installed was not done like it should have been.  Now, with all the air ducts are covered, it would be a huge mess to try to change it.  She has a home office where she spends 10 hours a day, but that part of the home gets virtually no air.  They were wise and chose a new Trane XM95 modulating gas furnace with a Trane XV18 variable volume air conditioner as well as a Trane XL950 comfort control.

This new furnace and air conditioner will greatly improve their comfort in their home.  To address the home office area, we proposed a Mitsubishi FE12 Ductless Heat Pump.  This will allow her to heat and cool that space as she wants, making it very comfortable and much safer and more energy efficient than the plug in space heater she has been using.  These product are the future of heating and air conditioning and are available here today!

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Ductless Heat Pumps

My mother and father in-law have traditionally heated their home with ceiling cable heat.  I put in 2 ductless heat pumps many years ago in the kitchen and master bedroom and they have enjoyed them, especially in the summer.  Okay, we really enjoy them when we go to visit.  Last month, they decided to put a new Mitsubishi FE12 Ductless Heat Pump in their living room.  My mother in-law has been very pleased with how much warmer that room is now.  It really has made a great difference in the comfort of their home.  The best part is how much money they will save!  Anyone who has ceiling cable heat should strongly consider a few new Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Ductless Heat Pumps.  It can really improve your home comfort, and significantly reduce your heating costs.

The Future of Air Conditioning

General Manager Bob Bidstrup’s thoughts on the Future of Air Conditioning:

The future of heating and air conditioning is here! New Variable speed heat pumps and air conditioners from Trane are the most comfortable and quiet available. The old way of running an air conditioner was turning the motor all the way on or all the way off. It used a huge amount of electricity to get the motor turning. The new way is it comes on at a slow speed then adjusts to just the right speed to heat or cool your home. Imagine how much less wear and tear there is to the equipment with a soft start, and a longer run cycle. This maintains the temperature in your home perfectly without over heating or over cooling. You enjoy the temperature just the way you want it.
Besides better comfort, you will enjoy the lack of noise! These units are so quiet, that sometimes you have to get right up next to it to even know it is running.

The Trane XL950 comfort control is like having a tablet device on your wall constantly communicating with the heating and cooling equipment making the many tiny adjustments to keep you comfortable. It can also show you the weather forecast, the history of runtime for the equipment, and what percentage of capacity the unit is running at right now. From your smartphone or tablet you can adjust the temperature and see what is happening in your home from anywhere in the world.

I have a Trane XV20i variable volume heat pump with a Trane XM95 modulating natural gas furnace. I am amazed at how quiet and comfortable these units are. No more noisy, power consuming hard starts, just […]

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Why Should you Flush your Water Heater?

Reasons to have your water heater flushed by a professional:

Sediment in your water supply, in the form of hard water minerals like calcium and other small particles, including rust and sand, can damage a gas or electric storage tank water heater and shorten its life expectancy.
Layers of sediment act as an insulator decreasing the heat transfer, and increasing energy bills.
For an electric water heater, the cooler tank bottom that results from this damage can become a breeding ground for legionella.
To minimize the chances of your water heater springing a leak, and to ensure that it’s working efficiently, flush it at least once a year. A professional plumber can flush your water heater safely and effectively.
If you are considering flushing it yourself, be sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturer because even a small mistake could cost you much more in repairs.

For only $45, we will flush your water heater for you! And, while supplies last, we will also install a new Premier 3 function chrome shower head. A $189 value, for only $45!*
*A trip charge may apply for locations outside of Idaho Falls. Call us for more information. 522-7777, or Contact Us.

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3rd Annual First Call Jewel Calendars

This year is our 3rd year sending a calendar out to all of our customers. This calendar features pictures by one of our technicians, Trent Flowers. He recently won a first place prize for one of his pictures of a Hawaiian Canopy. He loves animal and landscape photography and his pictures are beautiful. You’ll also enjoy the money saving coupons on the back inside cover of the calendar.  We are happy to provide this service to our customers. If you don’t receive a calendar by the beginning of January 2014, feel free to stop by and pick up a free Calendar.

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Water Tech Videos

Why Water Tech?

The Reionator

The SoftMAX


RO PureMax II


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Water Heater Fire

Recently one of our plumbers came across a water heater that had actually burned up the controls and wiring.  This was caused by a loose connection where one of the power wires terminates on the high limit.  It is important to make sure the screws that hold the wires in place are very snug to keep this from happening.

See corresponding pictures

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Water Heater Maintenance

We started performing water heater flushes as a service to our clients recently.  It has been interesting to see how much we have been able to get out of most of the water heaters.  Most water heaters in this area that are not using softened water are quite gross inside.  Some of them will not flush because there is so much build-up of sediment inside.  Those that would flush, had a great deal of nasty brown water that came out.  We try to flush it until the water comes out clean.  With a good softener, this was usually only a gallon or two of nasty stuff and then it was clean.  Without a softener, there has been 20 to 30 gallons of nasty brown water that came out before it cleared up.

Some people have been frustrated that we could not flush their heater, and tried to blame the problem on us.  Everyone in Southeast Idaho should be aware of the fact that without a functioning, properly sized, water softener, a water heater will build up with sediment rather quickly.  Within one year, there is likely to be so much sediment inside that it cannot be flushed because the drain is plugged with sediment.  Having this sediment build up is costing more electricity and or gas to heat the water because it first has to heat the sediment.  Sediment acts somewhat like an insulator keeping the water from heating as quickly and efficiently.  The sediment also becomes a breeding ground for disease that can make people sick.   It is important to keep a working water softener in areas with such hard water as ours.

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In our dry climate, an in home whole house humidifier can be very helpful. The only draw-back to humidifiers is that they require maintenance. Most humidifiers are what is called a bypass humidifier. This means pressurized warm air from the supply plenum is brought through the humidifier and run across a wet pad that introduces moist air into the return plenum. This moist air is then distributed throughout the home. Bypass humidifiers work effectively except they really only work when the furnace is heating. A better (although more expensive) approach is a steam humidifier. A steam humidifier actually converts the water (liquid) to steam (vapor) which is then introduced into the air duct system. With a good steam humidifier a person has to be careful to not over humidify their home since this can create mold. With proper maintenance, a humidifier can help to alleviate many of the health issues that come from living in a dry arid climate. See Pictures of a non-maintained humidifier and new steam humidifier.

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Changing Furnace Filters

One of the best things a homeowner can do to help their furnace last longer is to keep the air filter clean.  In most homes the filter needs to be changed monthly during the winter months of heavy usage.  A plugged or dirty filter keeps the furnace from breathing and moving enough air.  This then causes it to overheat, which uses more energy, and causes the equipment to fail prematurely.  If you choose to use 1” pleated filters like you can get in the big box stores, be aware that while they are great filters (maybe too good) they tend to restrict the air even when they are new and clean.  As they “load up” (get dirty) it makes the problem even worse.  They will need to be checked even more frequently.

You can now buy filters from us online at


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